Enterprise Application Integration – (EAI) – What-Where-Why

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by sharmila manoharan.

What is Integration?

Integration is the process of connecting several systems, departments, groups and organizations.

What is Application Integration?

Application Integration is process of sharing the business process and business logic with another application.

What is Enterprise Application Integration?

Enterprise application integration is a software methodology, a set of processes, procedure, software and hardware to integrate one or more applications to process the transaction.
EAI is the process which allows one or more enterprise systems to operate as one system.

What is Legacy System?

Legacy system is an old, out dated computer hardware, software that are still funtional.However, these systems don’t work well with latest system.

Where is Enterprise Application Integration used?

Companies use many applications such as Customer Management, Inventory Management, Payroll Management and other third party applications to perform the business activities. These applications are used in standalone, each application developed in various languages and each application runs on various platforms and hardware without talking to each other. EAI is used to connect with one of more applications to process the transactions or exchange the message.

EAI is used to

What are the drawbacks with standalone system?

  • There are many duplicate systems/applications due to independent operation with in the organization
  • Lots of manual interaction and activities as the applications run independently
  • High cost operation
  • Low productivity and consumes much time to complete business activities

Why do we need to use Enterprise Application Integration?

In early 60s, organizations were using customized computer system/application that were operating independently without any integration between them.In early 90s, the software products such as Sibel, Peoplesoft were introduced to meant to be working individually.

Inorder to avoid all the above mentioned drawbacks, increase the productivity and collaborate with clients and vendor, the EAI should be used.


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    Thank you author.A very crisp and clear explanation.As you stated only experienced people can only deliver the concepts clearly.Its true.Your contribution was very clear and understandable.Keep Going.

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