Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) -What-Where-Why

Posted on , Last Modified:July 7, 2014
by sharmila manoharan.

What is ESB?

ESB stands for Enterprise Service Bus, a mediator between web service consumer and service provider, isolating consumer from service changes and location, and making service as loosely coupled.

Enterprise Service Bus is an architectural pattern which solves integration problem with applications running on different platform and written in different languages.

What are functions of Enterprise Service Bus?



3.Supporting different protocols




List of Open Source ESB products

1.Mule ESB

2.Apache ServiceMix

3.JBoss ESB

4.JBoss Fuse

List of Commercial/Licensed ESB Products

1.Oracle Enterprise Service Bus

2.TIBCO ActiveMatrix

3.IBM WebSphere Message Broker

 What are the features of Enterprise Service Bus

  • Service Virtualization: Isolating service consumer from changes and location of the called services.
  • Loose Coupling: Service consumer invokes services through ESB which makes no impact to consumer when services end point changes, and services get moved.

 Comparision between Mule ESB and Oracle Service Bus


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