Application Integration Technique-Web Services-Why-Where-Types

Posted on , Last Modified:May 27, 2014
by sharmila manoharan.

What is Web Service?

Web Service is a web program that can be accessed over the internet using SOAP protocol, defined by WSDL with details of location of the service and operations ( or methods) of services.

Why is Web Service used?

Web Service is one of the technique of application integration, which is

  • Used to expose or convert existing program or components that can be consumed over internet.
  • Used to make your component or program as platform independent that means an application running on any platform and written in any language can consume web service component.
  • Used to convert or make components or program as web API (Application Programming Interface)

What are the types of Web Services?

There are two types of web services
1.SOAP Web Services
2.RESTful Web Services

What is SOAP Web Service?

A Web Service that uses SOAP ( Simple Object Access Protocol) to exchange information between applications written in different languages, running on different platform or operating systems (UNIX or Linux) is called SOAP Web Service,











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